NHS Emergencies

Dental pain? Need an emergency appointment? Please call the practice or see our Facebook page for our available appointment times
  • Daily emergency appointments available each day.
  • Can only be booked on the same day. Emergency appointments become available for booking from 8.30am
  • All appointments MUST be pre booked
  • Please do not try and abuse the system, by claiming to be an emergency to 'jump the queue' for a routine examination, this will not be provided

On an emergency appointment, we will:-

  1. Endeavour to get you out of pain
  2. Extract a tooth
  3. Issue a prescription
  4. Place a temporary restoration
  5. Re-cement a crown or bridge
  6. Refer you to a specialist
Practice Plan Emergencies

Membership of our Practice Plan, allows you to pre-book emergency appointments at anytime of day that may be available, plus several days in advance.

Out of Hours Emergencies

(Accessing emergency treatment when the practice is closed)

NHS patients may access emergency treatment by contacting NHS111

Practice Plan patients can either contact NHS111, or use their own dedicated emergency service by telephoning 03300 532061

At dp rundle dental care we appreciate that even the most diligent patients can experience problems. We have the difficult task of allowing sufficient time to accommodate patients with problems, whilst having to complete to designated volume of work.

We constantly monitor the booking of emergency appointments, allowing more time when a dentist is on holiday, or immediately after a public holiday. Most of our patients appreciate the availability of daily designated time to treat emergencies, and we greatly appreciate the respect they show for the system, by only booking when experiencing a genuine emergency/urgency.

We do have a percentage of patients who like the convenience of booking urgent appointments in advance, and are happy to receive this privilege as part of their Practice Plan membership - if you would like an outline of both privileges and costs of Membership, please discuss it with your dentist on your next visit.

Private emergencies

These can be booked in advance and with the dentist of your choice, where possible. There is a limited capacity for Private emergency appointments for new patients or those who have not been seen routinely by the Practice during the last 3 years.

Private emergency appointments are charged at £100. This includes an assessment and diagnosis of the cause of your problems, including any necessary x-rays required. We will endevour to get you out of pain, extract a tooth, issue a prescription*, place a temporary restoration, re-cement a crown or bridge, or refer you to a specialist if required.

Emergency appointments do not include a full routine dental examination. Please speak to our receptionist should you wish to book in for a Routine Clinical Examination.

Patients who failed to attend or give less than 24 hours’ notice of cancellation of their appointment will be charged at the pro-rata cost of the appointment. The current rate is £100.00

*Private prescriptions have a fee attached, and you will have to pay for your medication at the Pharmacy