Private Care Plan

Our Practice Plan private care membership is £15 for adults and £7.00 for children per month.

*Please note there is a one off £9.50 Practice Plan administrative fee taken from your first payment*

The UK's leading provider of practice-branded patient membership plans

We offer a Practice Plan private care membership which offers the following benefits:

  • Registration with the dentist of your choice
  • Short waiting time and priority appointments
  • Pre-bookable emergency appointments
  • Two free Oral Health Assessments each year, which include: Full examination of the teeth and soft tissues, X-rays where clinically necessary and private Prophyjet deep cleaning and stain removal
  • 20% discount on private treatment
  • Worldwide Trauma Assistance and Emergency cover
  • Redundancy protection for up to 12 months

Please note: Patients who are either new to the Practice or have not been seen recently, but wish to join Practice Plan, should be seen for an NHS or independent private course of treatment, stabilised and the plan discussed in terms of how it meets your needs.

*To receive the 20% discount we would require you to remain a member of our scheme for a minimum of 12 months from signing the agreement. Should you wish to cancel within this period any discounted fees received alongside the cost of our private oral health assessment would become payable.

  • *20% discount on private treatment