Our Ethos

Our Ethos

Set up in 1948, the NHS can be regarded as one the cornerstones of British Society. Although treatment charges have been levied since its inception, they are set at a level deemed as affordable; with numerous categories exempt altogether from paying. Under 18's, pregnant women and those on low incomes are just a quick example of groups who can receive comprehensive treatment, free from any charges.

Many dentists, even though providing NHS treatment, seem to sell the concept of NHS dentistry as a second rate option. Very often their websites and adverts concentrate on private options, almost making patients who request NHS feel like second class citizens.

As a family run Practice for over 35 years, with Nikki following in her Fathers' footsteps, we believe NHS dentistry is not second rate, and offer a comprehensive service. You will not be made to feel second class, for asking for NHS treatment, and we will not try to hide the availability of treatments that can be done on the NHS.

We liken NHS dentistry to a very well run public transport system; it is clean efficient and well run, using modern equipment, but obviously not a personal limousine service.

For those patients who wish to be treated using the latest techniques and materials, we provide a private option. It does not cause us any problems, during a course of treatment, to do most of the treatment on the NHS with a private item included. As with medical treatment, the NHS provides a very comprehensive range of treatments, but is also cash limited and does not cover individualised, cosmetic or expensive options; however we are more than happy to provide these privately should you desire.

We firmly believe in the importance of 'Choice', and you will always be given an informed outline of choices available, both NHS and private.

You will ALWAYS be given a cost estimate, and if you don't wish to make an immediate decision, encouraged to think about options before booking appointments.

At dp rundle dental care we like to treat you, as we would like to be treated ourselves.